SB20. Our 12-Week Ban. What Happened? What Now?

SB20. Our 12-Week Ban. What Happened? What Now?

An Open Letter to the Brethren of North Carolina

———- In a Twitter age, please resist your urge to lose focus and use your God-given faculties to finish this extremely important open letter to the end.  This is a VITAL communication. Also, please don’t click any of the links until you’ve read the letter first. ———-

For years our pro-life Republican legislators have repeatedly told us they won’t dare to obey God and offer up legislation that treats pre-born human beings as equals under our laws because of Roe / SCOTUS and a likely veto.  “Baby steps until conditions are RIGHT!” is the prevailing cry of faithlessness.

Roe is gone and the pro-life Republican legislators in North Carolina currently hold a supermajority in the House and Senate- meaning when Democrat Governor Roy Cooper vetoes ANY abortion law the Republicans can cancel out his veto.  Both of their primary excuses for disobedience and cowardice are GONE.  So what did they do?

The Republicans have once again shown their collective true colors and NOT EVEN ONE legislator stood with God and said, “Thou shall not murder…  PERIOD”  In fact, EVERY SINGLE Republican in both NC House and Senate supported SB20 which is a 12-week ban.  In short, roughly 95% of the documented abortions ALREADY HAPPEN at or before 12 weeks.  So in essence the law did nothing to “save lives.”  In fact, the law actually enshrines women as “legal” murderers.  In some cases, SB20 actually expands clinic access to 24 weeks.  A video will be forthcoming explaining the law in further detail.  Also, a sermon was preached on this 12-week ban by abolitionist Pastor Kyle Truman.  It can be watched here:

HB533 was introduced by Representative Keith Kidwell.  

HB533, like SB20, was also an abomination before God.  It posed as a life at conception act, but when you actually read the bill you quickly see the deception.  Among other evil things, it would have enshrined mothers, by law, as being able to kill their own children at any part of the pregnancy with no possibility of administrative, civil, or criminal penalties.  Could you imagine a law that codified White or Hispanic males as being allowed, by law, to murder other races and being unable to face any civil penalties or criminal sanctions?  Ludacris!  And yet many of our churchmen applaud these sorts of laws as long as the victims and perpetrators are a certain age, as opposed to a certain race.  HB533 was an abomination but even IT was rejected by Republican leaders and garnered very little support from the “pro-life” legislators who instead opted to support SB20.  Here is a video that briefly explains the ins and outs of HB533:

If laws that define who may be murdered and who may murder are evil – what exactly are abolitionists demanding in our laws?

This is really simple. Our laws should treat all human beings as equal, regardless of age. Currently, if parents conspire to hire an assassin to murder their 8-year-old, what happens? Due process. A trial. Evidence is presented. All parties are punished according to their level of complicity. If someone is violently coerced they are not guilty and can press charges on the person who victimized them. No one is given a pass because they are a special-class citizen. No one may be murdered because they are a different class of human. This is exactly what abolitionists seek for the preborn. This is what God demands. And anything less is horrific sin – an iniquitous decree – and should be opposed. Not applauded.
God says, “You shall not murder” – no created being has the right to SAY anything else, much less write laws that define HOW or WHEN to murder. For more specifics, here are the components of a bill of righteous abolition:

BUT WAIT – shouldn’t legislators “save as many lives as possible?”

We’ve all heard this argument:

A house is burning down.  Shouldn’t you save as many lives as possible rather than NOT save ANY if you can’t save them ALL? 

Well of course if a house is burning down I should rush in and save as many lives as possible.  And so should my other neighbors across the street and within several blocks.  So should the local volunteer fire brigade.  But the civil magistrate is to WIELD THE SWORD of justice.  Their job is to put the sword to the neck of the arsonist who killed the family in your neighbor’s house.  God ordained them for this function – and He withholds the sword of justice from church, family, and individual governments.  I am forbidden to hold a trial for the arsonist in my backyard and carry out his punishment.

If the civil magistrate’s duty is to write laws that save as many lives as possible they’d be justified banning all travel by car.  Think of all the lives saved and the traffic deaths prevented if they did that!  Or shutting down businesses in a pandemic.  Or writing a law that decrees all people must wear bubble wrap clothing to prevent possible harm.  Laughable!!

God ordains the civil magistrate to wield the sword.  You and I can’t punish the arsonist.  They MUST. They can’t save my neighbors’ lives, We MUST.  So stop pawning off your job on the lawmakers – and get out there and go preach Jesus at your local Walgreens, at an abortion clinic, or in the street.  Interpose, rescue, speak up, stand up and stand out.  Stop sitting on your hands with your mouth shut!  YOU rush into the burning building!  YOU hide Jews in your walls!  YOU help with the Underground Railroad!    And YOU stop applauding (and rebuke) lawmakers when they don’t do their job, and when they write laws that define who may be killed and who may do the killing under the guise of “saving lives.”  This is a demonic deception – ARISE O Sleeper! 

I have mainly ignored my legislators and trusted them.  No more.  I want to get involved.  What should I say when I speak to them?

Before you do anything, first imagine it’s your child slated to be “legally” executed tomorrow.  Imagine if legislators wrote a law defining how YOUR children may be legally killed. Imagine if our laws codified special classes of people who may murder YOUR child and escape justice.  Start there.  Hold the same love in your heart for these abandoned preborn children as you do for your own children.

Then relay to your legislator that regulating murder is sin.  Murder is not healthcare.  It’s a crime.  And it should be abolished and criminalized.

Let them know that they are commanded by God to decree RIGHTEOUS decrees.  Let them know they must do right even if no one else does.  They must trust God and His providence.  That the Bible is full of men who stood alone in faith. 

Go over the components of a bill of abolition (top of letter) and let them know that you demand abolition.

There are ways they could introduce legislation RIGHT NOW – like gutting a bill that made it through crossover.  And other ways.  Get them to inform you how they would treat emergency legislation after crossover (May 9) – and then ask them why a 5-decade holocaust is NOT being treated as an emergency.

Tell them you expect abolition introduced every single session going forward – NO MATTER WHAT.

Their authority is delegated to them by God.  Imagine if you brought a babysitter into your home and delegated the authority to her to watch your kids.  She smokes crack.  Brings in boys.  Beats your kids.  Essentially this is what our legislators have done with God’s delegated authority.   Great sin and disobedience.  Let them know.

Call them to repent.  Call them to believe on God.  Call them to obey God.  Be as respectful as you are able.  Above ALL trust in the Lord, His Spirit, and His Word. 

I’m nervous.  What’s it like?  What excuses I will hear?

When speaking with lawmakers, in person is always best, followed by phone calls and email.  Two people in your group are better than one, as long as the person with you does not fold.  Neither of you can give the legislator a way to wiggle out or to be justified in their sin.

Usually, a legislator will talk over the top of you and say almost anything to make you believe they are “on your side” and that they are “for life” and “pro-life” (they are DEFINITELY pro-life and NOT abolitionists).  They will act like (and maybe fool themselves into believing) they are “doing all they can” and they will cry about how NO ONE ELSE will do right.  Don’t buy it.  They are either deceiving you or deceiving themselves, or both.  Don’t settle for excuses or words.  Look at what they have done and how they have voted already.  Set motives aside.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Don’t let them fool you – EVERY SINGLE LEGISLATOR can introduce a bill.  If they decide to defy the Republican party and side with God the Republican leaders (like Tim Moore) will bully them and threaten them and try to dissuade them by spewing vile rhetoric about “Republican teamwork” and “this is a game” or “we’ll lose seats to Democrats if we attempt to abolish abortion as murder.”  But ultimately no legislator – no human being should go along with the multitude to do evil. 

To overcome a lot of these excuses, you just need to compare what legislators will tell you with what God says.  You just need a Bible.  For example:

Them:  “We don’t have enough strong Republicans!  Tim Moore will stash the bill in committee!  No one will go along with this!  The caucus will excommunicate me!  There will be a great price!”

You: “Jesus said He brings the sword – a man should love Jesus more than his own father or family.  Definitely more than an apostate corrupt political caucus.  Put your faith in Jesus.  Obey Him.  And stand with Him, even if everyone else hates you.  You are duty-bound to do right.  You can’t predict the future and ultimately even if you are right and all of those things happen it does not matter.  You must obey God. He will carry you in your affliction. You chose to be a civil ruler and God put you here either as a judgment or as a blessing. Be a blessing. Bless the Lord.”

Them: “We have to play the long game.  This will never happen unless we do.”

You: “This is not a game.  Babies aren’t chess pieces.  Babies are made in the image of almighty God.  You are not allowed to give up babies to be murdered because you think it will win a game.  That’s sinful wisdom.  God says “You shall not murder.” You can’t break His law to win your game.  Trust Him, not your own twisted wisdom. If you have to disobey God in order to obey God, you’re doing it wrong.”

Them: “This is so extreme.  The time is not right!  If we do this we will lose seats to DEMOCRATS!! (gasp)”

You: “If you refuse to do right over the fear of Democrats – you literally fear Democrats more than God.  Repent and believe the Gospel.”  Also if they use the word “extreme” have a mangled victim image to show them.  That abortion happened in accordance with pro-life legislation.

You don’t need to know a lot about the civil process, you mainly need to know what God says.  We believers are to disciple the nations to obey whatsoever things Jesus commands.  And the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation.  Yes, this includes – it ESPECIALLY includes, our civil leaders.  God says “You shall not murder” – it’s that simple.  Anything less (or more) is sin and should be repented of fully and immediately. 

Who should I seek?

You should first contact both your House Representative and Senator.  If you don’t know who your reps are:

Go to and key in your address

*NC HOUSE* is your House Rep and *NC SENATE* is your Senator.  Click on their names and copy their contact info

If visiting in person you will first need to call and set an appointment, unless they are in session.  Here is a legislative calendar, but it does not necessarily apply to the specific legislator you are seeking.  So call first.   Also sometimes you can meet with them in your local area.  I have even gone to their churches before (Google).

Besides my House Rep and Senator, are some targets better than others? 

Sort of.  As stated above – not one single legislator stood with God regarding the murder of our weakest in 2023 – in fact, they all spit in God’s face and offered up some babies as tribute in order to “save” others.  Like in The Hunger Games.  But more than 30,000 tributes per year in NC instead of 2 (like in the movie).

In 2021 a constitutional amendment, HB 158, was filed by Representative Larry Pittman – with the subsequent addendum this amendment met all points of a bill of true abolition and would have afforded preborn human beings equal justice and protection under our law.  This legislation had additional sponsors and these sponsors would be good to reach out to – encourage them – but also hold them accountable as to why they KNOW what is right but refused to do right in 2023.  HB158 Bill Wording (does not include follow-up amendment):

Former Co-Sponsors of HB158:

Mark Brody – House District 55

Phone: 919-715-3029

Email: [email protected]

Keith Kidwell – House District 79

Phone: 919-733-5881

Email: [email protected] 

George Cleveland – House District 14

Phone: 919-715-6707

Email: [email protected] 

Jay Adams – House District 96

Phone: 919-733-5988

Email: [email protected] 

You should also voice your displeasure to the House Speaker, Tim Moore, and call him to repent toward Christ and to cease conspiring to offer up legislation that defines who can be murdered and who can do the murdering – and to abolish abortion as murder, as is his duty before God.  Tim professes Christ but his fruit/ actions more often reflect those of a demoniac.  Be warned.  He’s slippery and slithery (like a lot of them).

Tim Moore – House District 111 – House Speaker

Phone: 919-733-3451

Email: [email protected]

And finally these are the NC Senate leaders. There are currently no noteworthy Senate members who have ever put forward a bill of abolition, only pro-life regulations:

What if my legislator repents and wants to put forward a bill of abolition?

Firstly, PRAISE THE LORD! Encourage him! Shout to the Lord! Abortion WILL be abolished! It will either be through our repentance or through God’s judgment and our destruction! No one is getting away with this! Grant us repentance and cover our sins and withhold your judgment, Lord!

He / She may decide to write their own wording (make sure they have the components of an abolition bill for their reference). Or they may contact me or AANC. We have examples of wording we can provide and we know a very solid lawyer who is a solid Christian and abolitionist. We will drop everything and run to his aid even if he does not contact us. We will support the legislation fully and to our highest ability if it is just!

If a legislator stands up – Christ’s Bride is OBLIGATED to support him. In 2021 and 2022 when HB158 was being shuffled from committee to committee by Tim Moore, I was ashamed by the response of the church. We had several thousand known supporters and several hundred showed up in person to make noise at conferences and rallies. But think about that. A historic amendment that would have brought NC out of our 5 decades holocaust to restore justice for the preborn and the word did not spread like wildfire. Since then, many more churches are on board and I have high hopes, but the church MUST repent of her wicked apathy toward her weakest neighbors. We MUST support the very very few legislators who will do right at all costs.

Regardless of anything we can see with our eyes, Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. At the height of the abolition movement of chattel slavery, roughly 3% of the population was abolitionists. Christ does not need big numbers, ultimately. Christ demands and is worthy of FAITHFULNESS. Let us be found faithful, even if we are tiny in number! Bless you! Bless the Lord!

LASTLY – MAKE SURE to tell everyone you know to SIGN THE PETITION to ABOLISH (not regulate) ABORTION!


In Christ,

Wayne Groover

Director of Education – Abolish Abortion NC

[email protected]

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