The Time For Justice Is NOW!

The Time For Justice Is NOW!

ABORTION, the greatest EVIL of our age, MUST BE ABOLISHED NOW in North Carolina!

Every generation finds it easy to condemn the evils of the past.  The Nazi concentration camps.  Soviet gulags.  Cambodia’s killing fields.  The Rwandan genocide.  We rightly recoil at these horrors, condemn their perpetrators, and prefer to hope we have moved beyond such displays of depravity and hatred toward our fellow man.

Yet the terrible reality is that we, the people of these United States, including the great State of North Carolina, are living peacefully amidst a holocaust of horrendous magnitude happening all around us.  For 45 years and counting, pre-born Americans have been legally led to their deaths, by their own moms and dads, at the hands of paid assassins.  In North Carolina alone, every 4 minutes of every weekday, another child is murdered.  15 per hour.  60 before lunch.  We are perpetrating the equivalent of six Sandy Hook Massacres every day.  These atrocities are demanded by our fellow citizens, protected by every level of the county, state, and national government, and tolerated by the churches.

Meanwhile, state elected officials have enacted dozens of supposedly “pro-life” laws and regulations that do effectively nothing to stop the killing.  While disguising themselves in language about “protection” and “health”, in reality, these laws only perpetuate the slaughter by providing legal cover for abortions to continue as long as they comply with the latest minor tweak in the process.  A required doctor’s appointment here, a mandatory sanitation inspection there…but the murders are still legal, the killing centers are still open, the poison pills are still on the pharmacy shelves, and the babies are just as dead.

In short, the American abortion holocaust continues because we the people tolerate, compromise with, and demand it.

The tides are turning, however.  As with the holocausts of generations past, there are those of us rising up in opposition.  By God’s grace alone, we are repenting of our apathy and indifference, standing in opposition to the slaughter, seeking to establish justice in the land, and calling our neighbors to join us. We are men and women realizing we can no longer assuage our consciences by outsourcing our moral obligation to professional lobbyists, lawyers, and politicians.  We are everyday men and women with regular jobs and regular lives…but we are waking up to the fact that we have a duty to God and our pre-born neighbors.  We are asking ourselves one simple questions: what does it mean to be a Christian in a culture that sacrifices its children?

The answer takes many forms, but it has one common goal: to bring the Gospel into conflict with the evil of our age, agitating our culture of death and compromise, and assisting our neighbors to walk in repentance and righteousness.

The destruction of the pre-born is an outright affront to the image of God via the destruction of His youngest image-bearers.  Therefore, by the calling of God upon our lives as Christians, we the people of North Carolina, demand the immediate and total abolition of human abortion within the borders of our state.  In the name of the God of Heaven, the King of all the Kings, we demand that the civil magistrates—at every level—simply do their duty, outlaw every form of human abortion without exception or compromise, punish their murderers, and thereby establish justice for the pre-born.

What does it look like to be a Christian in a culture that sacrifices its children?

It looks like being an abolitionist.  Join us.

“Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.” (Proverbs 27:11)

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